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Acrylic Push Thru

Acrylic push thru cabinets is the most up and coming product in the sign industry. Most outlet stores are renovating their signage to this type of cabinet design. Acrylic push thru takes the basic illuminated sign cabinet and then adds dimension. Acrylic push thru cabinets has a “push thru” element in the illuminated design of the graphics and or name on the front and/or sides of the cabinet. Push thru letters are made by routing a shape in a sheet of aluminum (the face) and then routing the same shape (only smaller) from another material, often clear or white acrylic about 1/2” thick. The face is placed inside a cabinet and illuminated from behind with LEDs. The effect is very high tech and sophisticated. With our routers we are able to make the push thru shapes in any shape you can create. By adding colored vinyl to the acrylic we can also achieve thousands of colors. There are many levels of push thru cabinets. You have the single sided wall style which only has the push thru graphics on the front of the cabinet. Then you can have a double sided push thru cabinet, as well as a double pan. What we mean by double pan is that you can have your business name and logo with the push thru letters and then mount that cabinet onto another cabinet with 1-2” spacing which can allow you to halo light the cabinet that the push thru graphics is on. This essentially can give you 2-3 layers of illumination with your signage. A good example of a double halo push thru panel is Sandro and Pandora's signage below in the gallery. You can also get a good viewing of the spacing of the two panels with the picture below of a side view of North Face's.

austin eye3
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N. Peal
Herschel Lit
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