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Monument Signs

Monument Signs are low profile, sleek, free standing identity products. There is no exposed structural support in the design of these signs. These exterior signs are fabricated to either compliment existing architectural elements that exist on the property or be used as unique signature elements designed to catch the public's eye. These signs can range from a simplistic metal deign to an illuminated custom sign to provide a building with proper identification. These type of signs usually include your business name, logo and street number. The main purpose of a monument sign is for your clients to be able to locate you when arriving in our businesss' vicinity. Monument signs incorporate other sign types like, channel letters, halo lit letters, illuminated sign cabinets, and Gemini letters by mounting these type of sign applications on the monument structure. So if you are interested in a monument sign you may also want to reference the sign applications listed above to see what look you are interested in.

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