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Most commercial awnings today are made with a welded aluminum frame which is then covered with material (canvas, vinyl, etc.). This gives you a large range of frame styles to choose from. The frame is welded together with aluminum tubing and then in most cases covered with a material. The most common ways to cover the frame with the material is a staple in the system or a tie system. These "staple in systems" produce a very tight fit over the awning frame. We make awning frames from steel if you request. Steel will sometimes be the preferred material when a painted framework is desired. We also can recover existing framing made from aluminum or steel with new material to freshen your existing awning and make your current investment stretch.


Awning Frames

A backlit awning is one that displays your company's logo as prominently after dark as it does all day long. A backlit awning is a hybrid between an electric sign and a traditional awning. The frame is welded of aluminum and then filled with electric lights. Then the translucent Vinyl cover is made with your artwork on it, digitally printed. When the sun goes down the entire awning is illuminated and your logo is visible from hundreds of yards away increasing your rush hour and after hour advertising.

Metal Awnings

Metal awnings are usually made of aluminum, copper, iron, or steel, depending upon the architectural requirements of the building. Usually, vertical metal panel awnings and window or door awnings are of solid, stationary construction of

strong ribbed heavy gauge materials, for all-weather durability against wind, rain, and sun. Depending on the individual shape and configurations, the awnings may or may not have distinguishable sides. Aluminum awnings are available in solid or striped styles and in several other colors. Metal awnings are available in several distinct types, depending on the functional requirements of the store.

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