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Electronic Message Centers

Advertising is always evolving, which means sometimes traditional marketing methods aren't going to cut it for your business.Your customers are bombarded daily with messages from competitors, and an Electronic Message Center is exactly what your business needs to stand out from the crowd.







Among retailers with freshly installed LED EMC signs, a vast majority of new customers consider those signs to be their main reason for visiting LED EMC signs are one of the most effective marketing tools available to retailers-better than print, better than TV, better than social media since they can be changed on a daily basis so your main traffic flow is always stimulated with something new on your sign promoting your business LED EMC signs are user friendly and all of our EMC signs come with a training conference call to help our customers learn how to easily program their advertisements on their EMC sign. The main things to consider when deciding on what type of EMC will work for your business is how far your audience is from your EMC and what type of content will you be primarily using on your board. There are many pitches, MM, and sizes of EMC boards. The typical size for an EMC is a 4' x 8' or a 3' x 6' The typical pitch used for most audiences is a 16 MM. Call us today to discuss if an LED EMC is the right investment for your business!!!

  • LED's have been found to increase retail brand awareness by nearly 90% when compared to traditional signs

  • LED EMC signs fulfill many roles-whether your goal is to attract new customers off the street or provide up-to- date, in-store product information

  • Digital displays make retail spaces feel more modern and inviting

  • LED EMC signs pay for themselves (and then some)

And Here's Why!!!!

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