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Permitting & Installation

Permitting fees and guidelines for any signage is normally dictated by the town or city your establishment is located in. The guidelines can be referenced on the municipality's website, under zoning. The fee for the permit generally is based on the type of signage and/or the square footage. PSC is a licensed sign hanger in may areas. All permitting paperwork and documentation is handled by the office staff at PSC from basic drawings to engineered plans. The only responsibility of the client is the actual fee for the permit. There is no work involved for our clients in this area. Some municipalities outsource their zoning inspections to a third party company like NEIC or BIU. If you are aware if your township does use one of these third party companies you can reference their website link below. We are fully insured and have various machinery to install any type of sign whether it was manufactured by us or not. PSC installs various franchise signage for other wholesale manufacturing

companies in the Tri-State service area. We use nothing but the most efficient and up to date technology and materials when installing signage for our clients to prevent any unnecessary repairs or service after the job is completed. PSC charges for installation by the hour and has a quick turn around for installation requests. We will answer your call within 24 hours and guarantee a reasonable quote for any install.

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