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Pylon Signs

With a custom built pylon sign from Pocono Sign Company your business will be sure to stand out from the rest. A freestanding illuminated sign is the best way to showcase your establishment and make your statement. This type of signage is best for commercial properties that have mutliple establishments on property to showcase. Pylons can showcase illuminated sign cabinets, be paired with a LED message board., or have basic non illuminated panels. Pylon signs offer a wide variety of material solutions to convey a business identity to the public such as plastic faces, flex-faces, a plasticized non rigid fabric material and more likely to withstand an impact than a traditional plastic faces even aluminum faces with your logo or business name routed and backed with translucent material or with channel letters attached. Pylons need to handle all the elements, so here at Pocono Sign Company we will engineer it from the ground up. We offer Engineered stamped plans for any entity nationwide. Pocono Sign Company can modify the build of your pylon to make it movable to other locations. This option is perfect if you are not planning on staying in one location forever and do not want to loose your sign investment. A pylon sign has endless possibilities from a standard pole sign to a totally custom “work of art”. When a customer drives down the road they are looking at… you guessed it… Your Sign! A first impression is most important and you want your pylon sign to rise above to make customers come your way.

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