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Channel Letters

   Channel Letters are one of the most popular ways to advertise your business name or logo. Channel letters are internally illuminated 3 dimensional letters/ logos that are mounted to your building or sign. Our channel letters are lit with energy saving LED lighting and powered by energy saving LED power supplies that will save you money on your electric bill! The most popular type of Channel letter is the front lit letter. Front lit channel letters are built to have the LED illumination come throught the face, front, of the letter. You can reference the cross section of a front lit channel letter on this page. There are many options on what color your LED's will illuminate on the letter between the stock acrylic colors, translucent vinyl overlays, and digitally printed films we can use to customize the color of your letters or logo.


  We also manufacture Halo lit channel letters that offer a different custom look to your business name or logo. Halo lit channel letters are internally lit letters that have clear lexan backers to allow illumination onto the surface behind the letter, creating a “halo” behind the signage. Our halo lit letters are also lit with energy saving LED’s. Customers might choose this type of channel letter if you are looking for a more modern/elegant look. There are many finishes and colors that we can paint this type of letter however, the most popular finish for this product is the brushed stainless. There is a third option which combines the face lit feature and the halo lit feature in the same product. These letters will have dual illumination features as explained above. With a channel letter you sign design options are almost endless. We can take you custom logo and brand your business so your customers are drawn to your location. Let Pocono Sign Co. build your custom channel letters today so your business can have the professional look it needs to succeed


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